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20 Oz Straight Sublimation Hookah Tumbler

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20oz white blank straight hookah sublimation tumblers.

- Dye sublimation ready
- Straight (non-tapered)
- Comes with lid and straw
- Great to use with UV DTF Tumbler Wraps

These are white glossy sublimation tumblers 9.3 X 8.3 in dimension. Please make sure to measure your tumbler before sublimating.

Customize Your Drinkware with Ease

Our Sublimation Tumblers are blank white and ready for your personal touch! With the polymer coating for heat transfer, you can easily customize your tumbler with your favorite images or designs. Whether you want to add your company logo for a promotional item or a fun family photo for a unique gift, our tumblers make it easy to create something special.

Convenient and Practical Packaging

Our Sublimation Tumblers come in a pack of 6 and each tumbler is individually boxed for easy distribution. The straight design of the tumbler makes it easy to decorate and the included lid prevents spills and splashes. Whether you're looking to create a batch of personalized gifts or need drinkware for your business, our bulk pack of Sublimation Tumblers is a practical and affordable option.

A hookah tumbler can be used for smoking hookah or herbals, which is a type of water pipe traditionally used for smoking tobacco. The tumbler is designed to hold water at the bottom, which helps to cool and filter the smoke before it is inhaled through a hose or mouthpiece.

How To Apply

DTF Transfers

Pre-Press garment for 5 seconds

1st Press: 300 degrees for 10 seconds medium pressure

Peel Cool (rubbing the film with cloth is recommended)

2nd Press: Cover with teflon or parchment paper, 300 degrees for 10 sec, medium pressure.

Note: Firm and even pressure is important for good adhesion, avoid any pocket/seams/buttons/zipper/etc. within the press area

Polyester/Blend Fabric: Lower the temperature 250-285 degrees & shorten time 3-8 seconds, as these fabrics absorb heat at much faster rate.

UV DTF Stickers

Shipping & Returns

DTF Transfers are non-refundable due to user error. We will however replace defective transfers before they have been applied. We will request photos of such defects to approve these claims. These are a no refunds/final sale item with the exception of defects before application.

Transfer Sizes

◙11x16 - Fits most TShirts Medium-3XL

◙11x12 - Recommended for Hoodies (Includes 2-3 smaller images)

◙8x10 - Fits Youth to Small Adult TShirts (2 per sheet)

◙22x16 - Recommended for TShirts 3XL-6XL

Note: In many instances the tshirt and hoodie is the same size

Care Instructions

How to wash a DTF Printed shirt? Turn your T-shirt inside out. Fill your washing machine with cold water. Use the correct amount of soap and DO NOT use Bleach. Use the gentle cycle on your washing machine. Air Dry your t-shirt or use the LOW heat setting on your dryer.