About Us

Sip. Learn. Press! (SLP) was started by Julie Williamson in March 2022 to make it simple for anyone to start their own tshirt business by supplying them with the tools and resources necessary to do so. SLP promotes and markets its product range of ready-to-press tshirt heat transfers through its network of independent distributors and empowers entrepreneurs by offering an economic opportunity to start their own business from home.

To become an SLP Independent Distributor simply SIGN UP for the Monthly Subscription and set up your unique website link in your back office. At that point you become a Distributor ready to purchase our unique heat transfers at a discounted price and ready to offer other tshirt entrepreneurs the opportunity to also become a distributor and start their own tshirt business as well.

In addition, the option is available to build a team and recruit new distributors by sharing the opportunity through social media or by hosting a Sip. Learn. Press! Party. During the Sip. Learn. Press! Party Distributors will introduce the business opportunity and demonstrate to potential customers how easy it is to press their own tshirts from home using a professional heat press and the unique ready to press heat transfers.

So what are you waiting for! Join SLP today and "Press Your Way to the Top".