Whether you have heard positive reviews about us or restarting your membership, this is a great way to start or scale your existing tshirt business. By signing up for a monthly subscription of $49 (+ship) today, you will receive your first 10 Mystery Transfers (mix of DTFs, and UV Wraps) immediately shipped to you then each month after until you cancel.

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Not Ready to Join but Ready to Start a TShirt Business?

Purchase the NO MEMBERSHIP TShirt Biz-In-A-Box Kit Only

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Do I Need to Purchase the Business-in-Box Kit?

The biz-in-a-box kit is optional to purchase however, if you are new to the tshirt business or wish to jumpstart your business, this kit will give you all the resources and products to learn about how to start your tshirt business.

What am I required to do to remain an active Distributor?

As long as you maintain your monthly Subscription you will remain an active member and qualify for all benefits.

Do you offer training?

Yes, Feel free to join our weekly Zoom Meetings every Wednesday at 8PM EST. These meetings serve as an opportunity for New Distributor onboarding and to address any questions you may have before joining. CLICK HERE to join the Zoom Meeting.

Upgrading from $29 to $49?

Current SLP Distributors who wish to upgrade from our $29 per month to $49 per month to receive the 10 DTF Transfers monthly are encouraged to contact our Customer Care Center at 904-990-7496 or email siplearnpress@gmail.com.

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