Host a Sip. Learn. Press!™ Party

When you host a Sip. Learn. Press! Party you will have the opportunity to introduce the business opportunity to potential distributors and demonstrate to potential customers how easy it is to use the ready to press DTF Transfers. 

    Give your SLP Business a real boost by hosting a Sip. Learn. Press! Party. Parties are an informal, fun way to get to know people and find new customers, plus it’s a great opportunity to increase your earnings – parties allow you to easily promote your business and demonstrate how easy it is to apply the tshirt transfers.

    Invite your family, friends, work colleagues, customers and people who have not ordered yet – ask everyone to ‘bring a friend’ – they will feel more comfortable and you may gain more customers.

    When hosting a Sip. Learn. Press Party keep in mind that you have the potential to get 2 types of sales. The first is the customer who loves tshirts and wants to purchase already printed tshirts for themselves, a group event such as a family reunion or even for their business. Then you might have the customer who wants to sell transfers and become an SLP Distributor like yourself. Whichever way the sales go, be prepared to take orders and/or sign up a new SLP Distributor on the spot.

    If you are only looking to have a small amount of guests consider hosting the event in your home or better yet host a virtual Zoom Sip. Learn. Press! Party. However, if you intend to have a large amount of guests then hosting your Sip. Learn. Press!Party at a local venue might be the better route.

    You can also encourage your attendees to bring their own products to press so all you will need to do is supply the different transfers. They can bring their own tshirts, denim jacket, a hoodie, shorts set or whatever they may want to press a transfer on. This will help to minimize the need to have to purchase merchandise for your attendees and will cut down the cost of attendance. Have a clear number of how many transfers you will allow each customer to get and remember to have a variety of sizes to choose from.

    During your Sip. Learn. Press! Party, you want to give attendees the option of pressing the Heat transfer onto a garment themselves. Keep in mind that many are brand new to this concept or have never used a heat press before so having them to actually press the transfer themself will reinforce how easy the process is. Give clear instructions on how to handle a heat press. Remember to have your customers sign a waiver for the handling of the heat press as well as a Release of Liability for pressing transfers onto garments they choose to bring to the event.

    Whichever way you choose to host your Sip. Learn. Press! Party always remember to go live on your social media platforms, take lots of pictures and record many videos to later create content for marketing purposes. And most of all remember to have lots of fun!

    Sip. Learn. Press! Parties Are Perfect for Every Occasion

    • Birthday parties. What better way to celebrate another trip around the sun? Gather your friends and family in the studio and create your birthday gang tshirts before your night on the town. Don't forget to BYOBC – Bring Your Own Birthday Cake!
    • Bachelorette parties. The blushing bride deserves a one-of-a-kind girls' night before walking down the aisle. Create a Sip & Paint Party to create the bride gang tshirts before the big night out in the city.
    • Baby showers. Celebrating your bestie's bundle of joy? Whether you're planning a baby shower for a family member or friend, Hosting a Sip & Press Party can help make sure everyone leaves feeling tickled pink (or blue). Create gifts for the new mom or press some baby onesies for the new bundle of joy.
    • Sorority parties. Sip. Learn. Press!™ Parties are the ultimate sisterhood bonding events! If you're looking for a unique way to spend time as a chapter, it doesn't get any better. Sip, socialize, and create some beautiful new tshirts for your sorority house.
    • Church group. Looking for fundraising ideas for your ministry or new events to have? Gather your faith-based transfers and host a Sip & Press party to fellowship with other church members.
    • Kids. Gather the youth together and teach them a fun and awesome way to generate income.
    • Retirement parties. Know someone leaving the 9-to-5 office life for good? Who knows, maybe you'll discover a new calling at your retirement Sip & Press party! (Or maybe not… but at least you can have some fun creating retirement tshirts to remember this huge milestone!).

    To effectively host a Sip. Learn. Press! Party make sure that you have:

    • Inventory of Transfers (variety of sizes). Purchase our Start-Up Kit or have enough DTF Transfers on hand to do your press demonstrations.
    • Professional Heat Press or Cricut Press
    • Tables & Chairs
    • Light Refreshments
    Attendees will see how easy and fun it is to press their own tshirts and will want to purchase tshirts from you, purchase the transfers to do it themselves or may even want to join your team!