What is UV DTF Transfers?

What is UV DTF Transfers?

Ultraviolet (UV) DTF Printing refers to a new printing method that uses ultraviolet curing technology to create designs on films. These designs can then be transferred onto hard and irregular-shaped objects with NO HEAT by pressing down with fingers and then peeling off the film.

Applications: Hard materials such as glass, leather, mobile phone case, metal, marble, acrylic, etc. Except fabrics, almost all hard materials can be pasted. No longer are you limited to one color vinyl. Get full color images on stainless steel tumblers, colored mugs and more!

The most prominent application: It can be applied to curved surfaces and surfaces with a large drop. It fully solves the limitation of UV direct spray on curved surfaces and large drop surfaces.

We will be releasing ordering of UV DTF Stickers shortly? Until then, add a sample roll to your DTF ONLY order at https://www.siplearnpress.com/products/sample-uv-dtf-stickers.

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