What do I do after I sign up?

  • Step #1: CLICK HERE to learn how to set up your personalized link in your SLP Back Office.
  • STEP #2: Check your email for your username and password and log into your SLP Back Office. Familiarize yourself with your Back Office Dashboard.
    • Welcome Letter
    • Dashboard: Will show your computer generated link however, you can personalize your own link. This area will also show your total revenue and commission.
    • Post Content: Post engaging content to your friends and followers using the convenient share tools
    • Gallery: Download banners to use for social media marketing
    • Commissions: this is where your commissions will appear generated from your customers and downline
    • Invite Others: This is where you can add a referral email and send them a personalized message. We ask that you reword the computer generated content in the message area.
    • Your Network: this is where your referred downline will appear
    • Settings: This is where you can change the First/Last Name to your business name (broken into 2 parts if you wish for this to appear at the top of your personalized website), Enter your Paypal Email for payouts - 1st of each month. This is where you will also set up your personalized link (www.siplearnpress.com/yourname).
    • Coupon Referral Code: This code is used universally when we offer discounts on the website. Its not necessary to use at the moment until we offer special discounts.
  • STEP #3: Conduct the 3 Ps while logged in to your SLP Dashboard:
    • Password: Under Settings, Change your password to something you will remember.
    • Paypal Email: Under Settings, Enter your Paypal email address, this is how you will be paid.
    • Personalize: Under Settings, Scroll down and Personalize your link. For example: www.siplearnpress.com/mytransfers
  • STEP #4: Purchase the Build Your Business Start-Up Transfers Package
    • If you do not have any inventory, its not mandatory but you should consider purchasing the starter kit. This will give you some inventory on hand to utilize if you decide to host a Sip & Press Party. Having transfers on hand is also useful to press tshirts and record the process to use as posts on your social media platforms to show potential customers how easy it is to press your own tshirts from home.
  • STEP #5: Start posting your personalized link to your social media platforms. Using the Gallery in your SLP Back Office to download a banner to use with your post.

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