Ways to Get Over Fear of Posting Your Business on Social Media

Ways to Get Over Fear of Posting Your Business on Social Media

Having a fear of posting about your business is a valid feeling. However, the truth of the matter is, without using social media, your increase the chances of not expanding or scaling your business.

Admittingly, when I started posting on social media, I was very fearful as well. I’ve experienced negative comments before, however I didn't allow them to crush me. While criticism and trolls are real concerns, some people worry about invasion of privacy, and the obligation followers can force on you.

With all of those concerns, how can you get over the fear of posting?

First, know that it is ok to feel scared. However, know how to decipher when your fear is driven by what-ifs and imaginary negative outcomes.

One of the first things to do is express your fear out loud. You will find that opening that door will allow others to speak out and acknowledging that you are not alone. When you can see that you are not alone, that will help you feel more confident when the time comes to make that post. Besides, what is the worst thing that can happen.

Second, if you take some time to prepare your post, it will never be your first time again and you will soon start to develop a level of comfort. Taking action is the only true way to overcome your fears.

Third, imagine that you are talking to individuals who can't wait to hear and see what you have to say and offer. Before I started my own group, eboss247 over a 2 years ago, I was terrified about posting on social media. However, once I started I quickly saw that my followers were looking forward to reading about the products and services I had to offer and it grew my confidence.

It was also important to set clear boundaries within my group. Decide beforehand how you want to handle negative criticism or pushback. Do you want to have open dialogue, entertain drama or block and delete? You get to choose! Your personal social media page is your space to do and say what you like so you make the rules.

In addition, its also important to decide if you want to share information about your business, your personal life or both. You share only what you want.

If you have a fear of being in front of the camera, then depending on your type of craft you may never need to show your face on social media. In turn, only show the products you create, the machines in action or use someone else to be the face of your products. There are many social media accounts that post content without a person ever being in front of the camera.

Google: Videos You Can Make Without Being on Camera for inspiration.

If growing your business is an important goal to you, be relentless in the pursuit of it. You don’t have to start big. Start small. Set a goal to post once a week just to get comfortable with the practice. Use the tips above to push past your fear.

Change feels uncomfortable for most of us. Your fear and anxiety and discomfort are natural, human reactions to life. In order to thrive in today’s chaotic world, we must be willing to change our relationship with fear and be ready for a paradigm shift.

Happy Posting and see you at the Top!

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