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Q & A

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Is it Mandatory to Purchase the Start-Up Package?

  • No. The start-up package is optional to purchase however, if you wish to jumpstart your business, having transfers on-hand is essential to record content decorating shirts for your social media platforms as well as when you decide to host a Sip. Learn. Press! Parties.

What am I required to do to remain an active Distributor?

  • As long as you maintain your monthly Gold Membership you will remain an active member and qualify to receive all commissions earned each month.

Do I Need to Build a Team?

  • No. Building a team in your downline means more commissions paid to you but whether you wish to build a team or not you will remain an active SLP Distributor as long as your monthly membership is current.

How much can I earn?

  • Earn up to 29% on sales and up to 10% commission from your downline.

When are commissions paid out?

  • Commissions are paid out at the end of each month. You must have an active $29 per month membership and commissions that exceed $29 in order to receive payouts. At the moment, we only pay through Paypal.

What if I do not have a Paypal Account, how do I get paid?

  • We will issue an eGift Card that can be used for future purchases on the SLP website.

Can I use the mockups from the website to advertise?

  • Yes, feel free to use the mockups located on our website to advertise your business, use on social media, and your own website.

How do I link my SLP website to my existing store?

  • If you have an existing Shopify or Square website instructions on how to link to your SLP Personalized link is located in our SLP University.

I don't know anything about the tshirt or tshirt transfers business, how do I get started.

  • First we would recommend taking our online eCourse. This course is self-paced and gives insight on what tshirt transfers are, how they are made, usage and where to get the best transfers. The eCourse is also packed with resources and can help you take the guess work out of starting a tshirt business. In addition, CLICK HERE to complete the step-by-step process to starting your tshirt business with our heat transfers.

Do I get commissions from the start-up package?

  • Yes, when you purchase the start-up package the referring person will receive a $20 referral bonus. Once you return to the website and place your personal order you will receive 29% commission on that sale.

How do I make a personal order on the website and receive the commission?

  • After signing up to be a distributor remember to clear your cache, cookies, web history and refresh several times OR use a totally different web browser. Then you will copy your SLP Personalized link from your SLP Dashboard and paste it in your web browser. Before making your purchase make sure that you see your information at the top of the website "You are Shopping With..." before making your purchase.

What happens to my downline when I cancel my Distributorship?

  • When you cancel your subscription you can no longer receive commission and the Distributors who you referred that are in your downline will push up to the next person above you. Your SLP Distributor Account will be immediately deleted from our system. All downline referrals will be forfeited to your upline. If you choose to return at a later date, you may reactivate your subscription (which may be more if our monthly subscription has increased). You will also need to CLICK HERE to create a totally new profile.

How much does it cost to become a distributor?

  • Currently our monthly subscription is $29 per month that is automatically deducted from the payment source you initially signed up with and is deducted on the same day you sign up on each month. This fee may increase in the future as we continue to add more benefits.

What Happens If the SLP Opportunity Monthly Subscription Increases from $29

  • If we choose to increase our monthly subscription, you are grandfathered in at the monthly subscription amount you currently have, with no future changes.

Are we paid commissions on Blank Apparel, Business Start Up Package, TShirt Biz-In-A-Box, Equipment, Wholesale Apparel Blanks?

  • As we roll out more items to the SLP website, it is important that you pay attention and read about how payouts are structured to avoid misunderstandings. No, Commissions are not paid to the purchaser for the items listed in the above question. Referral Bonuses are paid for these items to your upline or the person who referred you to the business. SLP Distributors are only paid commissions on DTF Transfers, Sublimation/Tumbler/Mug Transfers and PNGs/SVGs.

Do SLP Distributors get paid commission for items that go on sale such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Summer Sales, Winter Sales, etc?

  • Commissions will NOT be paid for items that go on sale on all levels.
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