How o Set Up TikTok Shop

Take the following steps to set up a tiktok shop:

Step #1:

  1. Go to the TikTok Seller Center:
  2. Become a seller by signing up with a TikTok Account or with a Phone & Email.
  3. Once you sign into TikTok Seller Center, you will need to set up your shop's Warehouse/Pickup Address.
  4. Select a country/region and enter the street address.
  5. Enter the name of a Contact Person.
  6. Input your Postcode.
  7. Add your Phone number.
  8. Next, you will need to provide a return address for your shop.
  9. You can check Set as return address to use the Warehouse/Pickup address for returns.
  10. Or you can set up a return location by adding a Return Warehouse Address, Contact Person, Postcode, and phone number.
  11. Check the box to agree to the relevant terms and conditions, and click Start Your Business.

Step 2: Verify your documents
You'll need to provide documents to verify your identity and or eligibility under applicable laws to sell your products/services through the TikTok Seller Center.

  1. From the TikTok Seller Center home page, click Verify Documents, then click Upload documents.
  2. Under Seller Information, select your Business Type: Corporation or Individually-owned Business.
  3. Enter a Shop Name.
  4. If you are an individually owned business, you will need to upload an image of the front and back of your passport, national ID, or driver's license.
  5. If you are a corporation, you will need to upload an image of:
    1. A government-issued identification document of the legal representative, company director, or person with significant control (PSC).
    2. A business license, registration, or similar official documents, evidencing your eligibility under applicable law to sell your products/services via the shop.
  6. Once you have uploaded all the required documents, click Submit.
  7. After submitting your documents, your account application will be pending until it is approved. If your account fails to pass review, you will receive an email advising you how to resubmit your documents.

Step 3: Bind bank account
Once we have verified your business documents, you will need to bind a bank account to your shop so you can get paid for purchases and process returns.

  1. From the TikTok Seller Center home page, click Link Bank Account, then click Link Account.
  2. Then enter your Account Name, Bank Name, Bank account number, Email, Address, and Building Number.
    1. For Individually-owned Businesses, the Account Name needs to be the same as the registered name.
    2. For Corporations, the Account Name needs to be the same as the company name.
  3. When you have completed all the required fields, click Submit.
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