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Sip. Learn. Press! is the perfect solution to start/scale your tshirt business or start selling heat transfers. This amazing business opportunity will allow you to purchase heat transfers at a discount & earn commission when you refer sales through your own personalized link. With no inventory to carry, no website to create or maintain & no expensive printers to purchase, Sip. Learn. Press!™ will remove the guesswork when deciding to excel your business to the next level. So what are you waiting for! Turn your passion into profit and become a Sip. Learn. Press!™ Distributor today! #siplearnpress #siplearnpresschallenge



How To Become An SLP Distributor

Become an SLP Distributor

The first step in joining as a Distributor is to join our Monthly Membership Program. This will allow you to earn up to 29% commission on personal sales as well as referrals. Get a personalized website to track your sales.

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Purchase the Start-Up Package

Kick start your business with 25 DTF transfers to help jumpstart your tshirt/transfers business. Having inventory on hand will assist in having a successful Sip & Press! Party as well as having designs to decorate tshirts.

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Check out some of the most frequently asked questions below for everything you need to know about joining as an Independent Distributor.

Is it Mandatory to Purchase the Start-Up Package?

No. The start-up package is optional to purchase however, if you wish to jumpstart your business, having transfers on-hand is essential to record content decorating shirts for your social media platforms as well as when you decide to host a Sip & Press! Parties.

What am I required to do to remain an active Distributor?

As long as you maintain your monthly Gold Membership you will remain an active member and qualify to receive all commissions earned each month.

Do I Need to Build a Team?

No. Building a team in your downline means more commissions paid to you but whether you wish to build a team or not you will remain an active SLP Distributor as long as your monthly membership is current.

How much can I earn?

Earn up to 29% on sales and up to 10% commission from your downline.